Steve,     I purchased two shrimp pots early this spring. I just finished a 5 day trip to Pigot Bay and the pots worked incredibly well ! I would like to get together with you to buy another one if you have any available. The ones i have are black and would like to match that if possible.                                Best Regards,                                                 Gary TI need 3 more pots from you. Last time you delivered to my office on Boggard, same deal? Your pots outfished several others last summer                                                   Tom D                                   Here is a picture of me with a haul from your pots and my friend with the white cooler fished about 100yds away from me with some Sportsmans Warehouse pots and i constantly outfished him about 4 to 1. My best day was 475 shrimp in 3 pulls                                                        Matt LI already talked with Nancy and bought one of your folding pots. We tried it out with another folding pot we had last weekend. We did a couple of short 2 hour soaks and caught a couple dozen in your pot each soak. The other pot we have caught 1 in the first soak and 2 in the second soak, they were 50 ft apart from your pot and we were using the same bait ! I plan on getting one of your rigid pots to compare with the folding one we already have.                                                    Jeff & Val I bought one of your pots at the Sportsmans Show. It is out shrimping the rest of my pots. I need to get 2 more from you. When you coming to Anchorage?                                                      Kevin T Steve,      The pots i got from you worked 7-8 to 1! So i guess i need 2 more. Give me a call                                                   Herman KI bought one of your pots at the Sportsmans Show. Would like to get 2 more. We put out 3 pots today off Pigot Point didn't do to good but you might enjoy this. Donalsons pot 0 shrimp, B & J pot 3 shrimp, your pot 12 shrimp. Let me know how to meet up with you to get more.                                   Warren P

Steve,   I have been meaning to email about the "Toggles", They are the "Cats Ass". I used to either tie or use chain joiners to connect my pots to the main line, but now with the toggles a quick slip through the loop and i'm fishing pots. Also the shrimp bait or "Candy' as i call it works 3 times better than comparable products.I will need another bucket soon. Thank You for all your assistance and I look forward to another year.                                                      John N 
Electra Dyne hauler is great. Faster, stronger, easier to use, no more handling the lineand quieter than safe-t-hauler, thanks                                Dara B.
So far everything works excellent with the hauler. I'm not sure why I didn't get a Electra Dyne in the first place. Blows away the competition.                                         Pat from Juneau
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Nice product...THE “BEST”....Dr Joe H.